Red Shade covering a walk through

Enhance Your Design

In any kind of architectural design, attention to detail is incredibly important. Every area of the design should be functional yet appealing to the eye. Apollo Sunguard is dedicated to creating structures that take outdoor spaces to the next level. Whether the project be a commercial building, a park or even a parking lot, there are shade structures that can enhance any space. There are many benefits of incorporating shade structures into outdoor designs, including drawing attention to an area, incorporating lines in a design and enhancing the balance of a structure.

Attachment points of canopy to supporting pole on shade structure.

Product Quality

Apollo Sunguard offers well-built products that include breathable, high-density polyethylene fabric, superior quality steel, a quick release system and a strong non-prorated warranty ensuring that the product will last. Manufactured with quality products and strong warranties behind them, Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures enhance architectural designs that will last for years to come. Contact Us.

Custom Designs

If you can dream it, we can build it. We can create a custom shade solution that can meet the unique specifications of any project.  Our experienced designers will meet the specific requirements of your application to ensure the best fit and feel.We can also design your structure to incorporate solar panels, lighting and more! Learn More.

Yellow shade structure covering a parking lot

Shade, Trees Work Together

Trees require years of growth before their canopies can provide a substantial amount of shade. Combine shade structures with trees to enhance your design and reduce heat. Learn More.

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