Sustainable Architecture Principals Include Adding Shade

Today, the importance of sustainable design is more prevalent than ever. Negative human impact on the planet calls for creating modern architecture with more than just human desire in mind. According to Dartmouth Professor Jason F. McLennan, sustainable design “seeks to redefine how buildings are designed, built, and operated to be more responsible to the […]

Celebrate Arbor Day: Trees Benefit People, Neighborhoods and Economy

Throughout the United States, communities will recognize National Arbor Day on the last Friday in April. This nationally recognized holiday is a reminder to recognize the importance that trees play in our ecosystem. According to the U.S. Division of Forestry, trees foster healthier communities overall – including people, neighborhoods and the economy. The health benefits […]

Spring Into Shade: Four Reasons Property Managers Should To Install Shade Structures This Season

More people are going to be enjoying the outdoors as the wintertemperatures warm, the trees return to green, and spring flowersbegin to sprout. Now is a good time for property managers to consider installing one of Apollo Sunguard’s attractive and functional shade structures in outdoor living spaces, such as courtyards, picnic areas, playgrounds and pool […]

Landscape Architects, Consider Shade In Your Initial Sketch

There is this old adage that some of the best project ideas were drawn first on a cocktail napkin. Maybe there is some truth to this. We do know that no one industry knows better than Landscape Architects that drawing plans is the beginning point to any great creation. And, when sketching your next project, […]

Sun Safety

Doctors and researchers agree that skin cancer can be dramatically reduced by effective preventive measures, however sometimes it’s hard to decide what the best preventative measures are. Sunscreen and protective clothing are an obvious choice. Staying out of the sun is the best way to stay protected from the harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays, however this […]

Sun Safety Part 2

Last week, we talked about the importance of protecting oneself from Ultraviolet (UV) exposure and how applying sunscreen and wearing protective clothing are beneficial to reducing UV exposure; shade is an extremely useful source in UV radiation (UVR) protection. Shade is another way a person can reduce exposure to UVR. The protective ability of a […]

Sun Safety Part 3

In our last installment of Sun Safety, we will discuss why it is paramount to assess each situation individually, taking into account the position, the design and the surrounding environment to ensure that optimal shade is provided, prior to installing a shade structure. Design Elements Best Fit Strive for ultimate shade coverage. When choosing a […]

2018 Sterling

Apollo Sunguard is a Finalist for the prestigious 2018 Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award, presented by the Florida Sterling Council and FloridaMakes. Florida Sterling Council and FloridaMakes Announce Finalists for the Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Awards Award Winners Announced at June 1st Sterling Awards Banquet in Orlando TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Sterling Council and […]

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