How Business Can Use High Performance Shade Structures & Sales to Redefine Outdoor Spaces Like Patios, Courtyards & Much More!

It’s become more important than ever for businesses to make good use of their outdoor space amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And it’s not limited to any one industry. Many bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, offices and other firms can benefit from making their outdoor areas more functional and attractive.

There’s even data to back this up. More than 80 percent of diners say they wish restaurants would expand outdoor seating. Meanwhile, companies that offer outdoor work areas may find that employees are more productive and happier in their jobs, with nearly 90 percent of indoor workers saying they’d like to spend more time outside during the day. Offering a practical outdoor area or courtyard for your employees to work or take breaks could go a long way in the current competitive labor market.

When it comes to optimizing your outdoor spaces, one critical component is shade. Even the most picturesque spots will go unused if they’re uncomfortable. Whether you’re looking to revamp a patio, courtyard, rooftop, balcony or parking lot, here’s how to make the most of your outdoor space with shade:

Consider How Your Outdoor Space Will Be Impacted by the Sun

Begin by thinking about how your outdoor space will be used and how it will be affected by the sun throughout the day. If your business is open all day, consider opting for robust coverage that will protect your customers, regardless of the sun’s angle.

Keep in mind that shade is especially critical if your employees or customers – if you own a coffee shop, for example – will be working outside. It can be tough to see screens or have productive meetings if it’s too bright.

If you want plenty of coverage, a great option is the BreezeBrella from Apollo Sunguard. Available in several styles, these permanent shade structures are attractive and functional – plus they eliminate the need to lug umbrellas inside every night and open then every morning.

Add Shade that’s Functional … and Attractive

Shade serves a practical purpose when it comes to creating the perfect outdoor space for your business. But there’s no harm in adding curb appeal too. With Sails, Kites and Sky Series shade structures from Apollo Sunguard, you can explore lots of different designs – getting shade where you need it while creating a striking look.

Apollo Sunguard offers more than a dozen fabric colors, as well as a wide variety of frame colors and accessories. You can add lights, solar panels and even custom logos to ensure you’re getting the right look for your outdoor space.

Choose Durable Shade

If you anticipate that your outdoor space will be used regularly, it’s important to select shade that’s sturdy and low maintenance. Products from Apollo Sunguard come with lengthy warranties. Our shade structures can withstand high winds, and our fabrics are easily removable in the event that snow or strong storms are approaching.

Plus, every fabric from Apollo Sunguard blocks more than 90 percent of UV rays – protecting your customers, employees and the outdoor furnishings you place underneath.

Go Green

One great way to add shade outdoors is with plants. Trees, vines and hanging plants can all provide attractive protection from the sun. But they can also take time to grow to their full size, drop leaves and require regular maintenance.

Fabrics from Apollo Sunguard are designed to mimic trees. Our shade structures can dramatically lower the temperature underneath without sacrificing natural light or blocking breezes. And best of all, by allowing some sun to shine through, plants and grass can grow underneath, giving business owners the best of both worlds.

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