Hot Car Prevention Month

As a new bill passes, Florida recognizes the dangers of cars left in the sun.

Hot cars are a health hazard, and efforts are being made this April to remind Florida residents of the potential consequences of parking their vehicles in the scorching heat. According to, heatstroke stands as the leading cause of non-crash vehicle-related deaths for children under 14. In response, April is now “Hot Car Death Prevention Month” across the state, recognized under bill HB 591. Signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis earlier this month, The legislation aims to raise awareness about the critical issue of leaving children unattended in cars and shed light on the potentially fatal consequences of heatstroke in hot vehicles. Additionally, in response to the bill, the Department of Health and Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has announced plans to host educational events throughout April. These events aim to equip the public with essential knowledge on averting heatstroke and staying safe during the hot seasons.

Stay Protected with Industrial Parking Shade Structures

It can be dreadful getting into a hot car that’s been baking in the sunlight, which is why it’s highly recommended to park in shaded areas to mitigate the risks associated with hot cars. According to NHTSA, cars left in direct sunlight average interior temperatures of 30 degrees hotter than ambient outside temperatures. Due to more people seeking shade, industrial parking shade structures are emerging as a popular amenity that provides optimal protection to combat the risks and discomforts of hot cars.

The advantages of parking lot shade structures go beyond mere comfort; they are shields that protect you and your property, particularly from heat. Vehicles parked in direct sunlight are subjected to prolonged UV exposure, causing interiors and exteriors to heat up significantly.

Research has shown that vehicles parked under shade can be over 100 degrees cooler than cars in direct sunlight. Apollo Sunguard’s parking shade sails are designed to reduce ambient interior temperatures by up to 20 degrees. This not only makes your car more comfortable but also helps protect your vehicle’s interior from the damaging effects of heat.

Parking shade structures offer more than just relief from the heat; they also shield against harmful UV rays. The ability to block up to 96% of UV radiation provides a vital defense against sunburn, premature aging and even skin cancer.

The Value of Parking Shade Structures

Industrial parking shades are the ultimate cost-effective protective barrier for vehicles parked outdoors on commercial, recreational and HOA properties. Apollo Sunguard is a reliable ally in the fight against heat-related tragedies. Our vibrant shades are not just for aesthetics; they are designed to help mitigate severe temperature increases and create a safer environment. By investing in parking shade structures, you’re making a statement about your community’s commitment to safety, comfort and peace of mind for all.

The Apollo Difference

If you want to make communities safer with parking shade structures, look no further. Whether integrating into new developments or enhancing existing ones, our shade structures offer seamless vehicle maneuverability and unparalleled durability. Our Cantilevers are the perfect shades for integrating into compact and expansive parking spaces. With several shade fabric choices and steel frame colors, you can tailor each structure to suit your unique aesthetic preferences. Explore our Cantilever gallery to see how Apollo Sunguard can help elevate your property’s appeal and functionality.

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