red shade structure covering a parking lot where a red audi is parked

We’ve Got You Covered:
Shade for Parking to Playgrounds to Bocce Ball Courts and More!

We know property managers are always looking for ways to set their spaces apart. Are you a property manager that’s looking for a way to transform the outdoor areas at your facility? We can help you get more use from your spaces and add value, function, comfort, and style.

Whether you want to enhance your property for your current or potential owners, renters, customers or patrons, installing attractive and functional shade structures can add a custom, high-end look without breaking the bank or adding maintenance costs. Our sturdy products enhance comfort and safety by blocking UV rays and dropping temperatures underneath by up to 20 degrees, giving your property additional shaded space for events, congregation, activities or relaxation.

Apollo Sunguard shade structures are easy to care for and built to withstand strong winds and inclement weather. Our fabrics are made with non-aging thread that stands up to UV exposure and environmental conditions and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Our Allied Steel structures are super strong, and our welding, cables and shades employ special technology that makes the shades easy to take down if needed. We’re the only shade manufacturer to employ a quick release system so that you can easily remove the fabric covers if a hurricane threatens,* then put them back up just as easily when the storm has passed. No special tools are required.

Apollo Sunguard shade structures are a great solution for outdoor spaces including clubhouses, courtyards, seating and eating areas, playgrounds, outdoor event spaces, pools and aquatic facilities, athletic venues, parking lots, EV charging stations and more.

*Apollo Sunguard recommends cover removal when winds are forecasted to exceed a Category 1 hurricane of 74-95 MPH, 119-153 km/h.

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Industry's Strongest Warranty Non Pro-Rated 15 Years Fabric 20 Years Frame badge.


We warranty all steel framework for 20 years and all fabric covers for 15 years.

Apollo Sunguard Warranty

Sun shining brightly in sky among clouds.


Our fabric is tested by an independent laboratory and a large selection of colors meet a minimum of 93% UV Block.

Rectangular shade structure fabric in front of sky.


Apollo Sunguard Shade Cloth® is known for its great strength, vibrant colors and durability.

blue shade connected through base structure


Our innovative shade structures are uniquely designed with a quick release system to remove the fabric covers.

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