Shading America’s Fastest-Growing Sport

What’s America’s fastest-growing sport? The answer is pickleball. Yes, this sport has a funny name, but pickleball is serious business. According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, pickleball has gained immense popularity, with 4.8 million people now playing.

shade structure for your pickleball court

Enhance your pickleball court with a durable and stylish shade structure

Its explosion in popularity is no surprise, for it is a low-impact game that people of all ages and skills can enjoy. Pickleball courts have a very similar layout to tennis but are more accessible due to the courts being smaller in size. As more people engage in the sport, more pickleball courts are being constructed nationwide.

Take, for example, The Pickleball Club. This 33,393-square-foot club with 18 total pickleball courts recently celebrated its grand opening. Located in beautiful, sunny Florida, The Pickleball Club went the extra mile for its patrons and installed high-quality, attractive shade structures by Apollo Sunguard over its outdoor courts.

With the protection of Apollo Sunguard’s premium shade, pickleball athletes can focus on the game without being slowed down by the sun’s harmful rays and energy-draining heat.

Get Your Head in the Game and Out of the Sun

It is extremely important that participants receive adequate shading when engaging in outdoor recreational sports. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, exertional heat stroke (EHS) is a leading cause of sudden death in athletes. Even less severe forms of sun exposure, such as heat exhaustion and sunburn, can be debilitating. Apollo Sunguard offers a range of shade structures that provide cooling protection to help you beat the heat year-round.

Benefits You Can Count On

Apollo Sunguard shade structures can block up to 96% of the sun’s harmful UV rays while reducing temperatures underneath the structure by up to 20 degrees. Additionally, these shades help reduce glare and sun blindness, making playing and watching outdoor sports more enjoyable. And sunshades are a cost-effective way to protect grandstands, bleachers, dugouts, and entire basketball courts or tennis courts.

A Fair Game is a Good Game

Have you ever struggled to play or even watch a sport due to the sun constantly in your eyes? With Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures on the scene, all players can expect an even playing field without worrying about harsh sun glare interfering. The Titan shade coverage eliminates distracting shadows and sun glare no matter the time of day for players and spectators.

Play in Style

Not only do Apollo Sunguard shade structures provide much-appreciated relief from the sun, but they also complement the overall aesthetic and appeal of any outdoor recreational area by offering a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Apollo Sunguard’s shade structure customization options allow businesses and organizations to match their branding within facilities.

Shading You Can Rely On

With the most robust warranty in the shade industry, Apollo Sunguard guarantees that you will be enjoying your shade structure for many years. We offer a 15-year warranty on all fabric and a 20-year warranty on the steel framework. Additionally, we use advanced stitching thread resistant to aging and can withstand direct sunlight, ensuring their shades maintain quality for their entire lifespan.

Apollo Sunguard’s steel framework structures are made from cold-rolled, galvanized tubular steel, providing triple-layer protection against the elements. This durable construction method ensures that structures stand tall in harsh weather conditions. Quality and appearance will not be sacrificed for years to come. Even in year 15, Apollo Sunguard’s shades will be covered like in year one.

pickleball shade structure

Funny Name. Fun Sport!

The origins of pickleball’s funny name are still being determined due to different official stories being reported. However, pickleball inventor Barney McCallum claims that pickleball is named after his neighbor’s Cockapoo puppy named “Pickles.”

Before pickleball was called “pickleball,” Pickles the dog had a habit of fetching the balls on the court. Pickles was having fun, just like the millions of people who picked up the sport today.

Speaking of Pickles, the dog, check out how Apollo Sunguard protects our furry friends from excessive heat in our blog post “Why Pets Need Shade to Be Safe.”

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