Protect Play for Children

Protect your students with our shade structures. They offer an excellent solution for playgrounds, pools and outdoor assembly areas. Our innovative fabrics block up to 96% of the sun’s UV rays, which can help prevent skin cancer and premature aging. They also drop temperatures by up to 20 degrees underneath, which helps keep kids cool and comfortable.

During the hot summer, playground equipment can reach more than 150 degrees. With Apollo Sunguard shade structures in place, equipment stays cooler all year long. We also offer accessories like post pads, made from compressed foam and covered in premium outdoor vinyl fabrics, which provide added safety.

We have more than 30 structure styles and 17 fabric colors available, making our shade structures both stylish and functional. They can be customized with logos, solar panels and more. We know that value is important to you. That’s why we’re proud to offer an industry-leading warranty—20 years for our steel structures and 15 years for our fabric.


We warranty all steel framework for 20 years and all fabric covers for 15 years.

Apollo Sunguard Warranty


Our fabric is tested by an independent laboratory and a large selection of colors meet a minimum of 93% UV Block.


Apollo Sunguard Shade Cloth® is known for its great strength, vibrant colors and durability.


Our innovative shade structures are uniquely designed with a quick release system to remove the fabric covers.

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