• Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) (Various Locations)
  • Department of Energy (DOE) (Various Labs)
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)
  • NAVFAC (Various Bases)
  • Veterans Affairs (VA) (Various Sites) replacement parts harmful UV rays.

# GS-30F-GA082

Apollo Sunguard Systems, Inc. is one of two vendors awarded this BPA by GSA Fleet for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and the sole awardee for Ancillary EVSE Data Services. Our GSA contract allows us to sell ChargePoint EV stations, network plans and EV accessories to federal agencies

Thanks to this BPA, government agencies can place task orders not only for charging stations, but also for accessories against the BPA directly from Apollo Sunguard without GSA Fleet involvement.

Capability Statement

We deliver innovative solar protection and clean energy solutions to improve life!

Go Green

Energy efficiency is an increasingly important issue for government agencies. To help the government become more energy efficient, electric vehicles and the products and services that come with them are a recognized solution, according to energy.gov. An important component of electric vehicle operation is the EV charging stations required to sustain these vehicles. ChargePoint offers Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) that can help accomplish this goal.

Why ChargePoint?

Charge Point is the leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations in the United States, with over 52,000 stations deployed nationwide. ChargePoint stations use cutting-edge technology that has been rigorously tested to verify that it’s safe, reliable and driver friendly. Additionally, ChargePoint’s reporting and analytics allow the charging stations to track energy consumption and GHG emissions savings.

Why Shade Your Charging Station?

To ensure the highest performance, install Apollo Sunguard shade structures along with ChargePoint charging stations.

Excessive heat impairs battery function. In fact, electric vehicles charging in direct sunlight can require up to 2kW more of power to become fully charged. Ensure your charging stations are effective and protected by equipping them with our industry-leading shade products.


A heat study on electric vehicles was conducted and
revealed EV’s charging under an Apollo Sunguard
shade structure charged 14 minutes faster and used
2kw less power than an unshaded vehicle. Learn more.

Apollo Sunguard’s cantilever shade structures can:

  • Cut down on charging station maintenance
  • Improve charging times
  • Enhance comfort
  • Add curb appeal


We warranty all steel framework for 20 years and all fabric covers for 15 years.

Apollo Sunguard Warranty


Our fabric is tested by an independent laboratory and a large selection of colors meet a minimum of 93% UV Block.


Apollo Sunguard Shade Cloth® is known for its great strength, vibrant colors and durability.


Our innovative shade structures are uniquely designed with a quick release system to remove the fabric covers.

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