Apollo Sunguard Makes It Easier for Governments to Add Shade, EV Charging

Apollo Sunguard has made it easier for governments to add shade and EV charging stations to their public spaces and facilities with GSA contracts, cooperative purchasing agreements and piggybacking.

Why Apollo Sunguard?

As a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, Apollo Sunguard specializes in state-of-the-art shade solutions. The Florida-based company’s shade canopies have been installed on government properties at all levels, including federal, state and local. Its commitment to customers is why Apollo Sunguard offers the strongest industry warranty, which covers the fabric for 15 years and steel framework for 20 years.

In addition, environmental sustainability is among Apollo Sunguard’s core values. Not only does its shade structures mimic a tree canopy and provide UV protection, Apollo Sunguard is a ChargePoint Premier Partner and has distributed EV charging stations for federal, state and local government agencies across the country. Apollo Sunguard pairs shade with the charging stations, which enhances comfort, saves energy and ads curb appeal.

The GSA Advantage for All Levels of Government

Apollo Sunguard, a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and National Veteran’s Business Enterprise, has held contracts with the U.S. General Services Administration since 2003. This is so government agencies at any level (federal, state and local) can get the greatest value in terms of price, performance and durability.

In order to obtain a GSA contract, Apollo Sunguard had to go through a review process in which prices were pre-negotiated for agencies to receive the best value. Government agencies can purchase through the GSA Advantage online store to obtain shade structures and EV charging stations without having to go through lengthy bidding processes.

In 2017, Apollo Sunguard was awarded a blanket purchase agreement by GSA Fleet (BPA GS-30FGA082) making the company one of only two vendors with a BPA for the sale of electric vehicle supply equipment. This means Apollo Sunguard can directly sell ChargePoint EV stations, network plans and EV accessories to federal, state and local agencies.

Purchasing Made Easier through Cooperative Purchase Agreements

Apollo Sunguard is a BuyBoard-awarded vendor. BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative is a free program designed to simplify the purchasing process for schools, municipalities, county governments and more.

By leveraging the purchasing power of the group, members can achieve better pricing on products and services. BuyBoard members don’t have to go through an individual procurement process, saving them administrative time and resources. Plus, members can rest assured that BuyBoard-awarded products have been competitively procured.

According to BuyBoard’s website, it “evaluates vendor proposals on the basis of best value to cooperative members.”

Purchasing Made Easier Through Piggybacking

Apollo Sunguard also can leverage existing local government contracts as templates for new ones, which can cut down on administrative expenses for agencies.

Known as piggybacking, the practice allows a public entity to utilize a competitive bid or RFP solicited by any other governmental agency if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the public. Because of Apollo Sunguard’s extensive history of working with different levels of government, Apollo Sunguard’s staff is able to work directly with purchasing staffs to ensure their government agencies are getting the full benefits of piggybacking whenever possible.

Save Time, Resources When Purchasing from Apollo Sunguard

Government agencies can save valuable time and resources when they purchase from Apollo Sunguard, which offers GSA contracts, cooperative purchase agreements and piggybacking options.

Apollo Sunguard’s professional staff has extensive experience working with a variety of government agencies at all levels. From federal government agencies like NASA and the Marine Corp. to local agencies, including city parks, municipal buildings, public parking lots, local sports venues, school playgrounds and more, Apollo Sunguard is proud to shade America.

For more information, contact Apollo Sunguard at (800) 319-1010 or visit www.ApolloSunguard.com.

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