Rev Up and Cool Down

In the heart of the Sunshine State, there’s a racetrack where the thrill of motorsports and a passion for racing is embedded into the asphalt. This place is no other than Circuit Florida, a newly established private motorsports club that strives to deliver the best racing experience for racing enthusiasts across the state. The tight corners and long straightaways beckon to drivers and enthusiasts alike. Circuit Florida has set out to deliver a top-of-the-line experience for its members, combining thrilling track days with unparalleled amenities. Circuit Florida is more than just a racetrack; with the construction of on-site condos underway, this is a community where dedicated racers can live and breathe their motorsport passions.

A racing hot spot that refuses to feel well … hot!

Amidst all the excitement behind each lap, many raceways can become too hot to endure for extended periods. However, Circuit Florida has recently looked to Apollo Sunguard for installing industrial parking shades to counteract the scorching heat that threatens to overshadow the track’s experience. These parking shades are one of the facility’s latest additions and are designed to fit in seamlessly with the track to provide ample shading for its members, guests, employees and vehicles.

Members and guests who take to the track can now find refuge under these parking shade structures during breaks in the action to help cool off both themselves and their vehicles. Just like how a radiator is an essential engine component designed for maintaining optimal temperature, shade structures are just as necessary when trying to achieve cooler temperatures outdoors. Research shows that vehicles parked under shade can remain over 100 degrees cooler, and Apollo Sungurad’s shade structures are designed to reduce ambient temperatures by up to 20 degrees.

The protection provided by Apollo’s shade canopies allows cars to cool more effectively and drivers to recharge efficiently before tackling the next intense track session. And for Circuit Florida’s employees who keep the wheels turning behind the scenes, these shade structures contribute to more than just a cooler environment. They contribute to a safer and more professional work environment for outdoor operations. Founder and CEO Paul Scarpello of Circuit Florida understands the importance of creating an environment where safety, comfort and satisfaction go hand in hand. Scarpello remarked, “I’ve had employees thanking me for installing the shades.”

A premier choice for creating alluring outdoor spaces.

The benefits of the parking shade structures extend beyond just serving a practical purpose but also enhance the universal appeal of the club. Scarpello noted that adding the industrial parking shades has been a big hit with Circuit Florida’s members, stating, “Everyone prefers to park in the back where the shade is.”

Whether it’s providing relief for the club’s members or employees during long days at the track, these structures have become an integral part of the Circuit Florida experience. Circuit Florida used Apollo Sunguard’s customization freedom to help transform the facility’s atmosphere and reinforce its image as a polished and professional raceway, always willing to go the extra mile for its members and guests.

Transform your community or business with Apollo Sunguard.

Your search ends here for those looking to enhance their community or business with parking shade structures. With a large selection of shade fabric and steel frame color options, Apollo Sunguard can tailor each shade structure to meet your intended design. Discover how Apollo Sunguard can elevate your property’s appeal and functionality by exploring our Cantilever gallery today.

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