The Dog Days of Summer: Safeguarding Pets with Apollo Sunguard’s Shade Structures

With the summer months setting in, summer’s intensely hot “dog days” are quickly approaching. The summer sun can bring dangerous temperatures that pose significant health risks to pets. For this reason, pet-friendly or pet-centric businesses should prioritize the comfort and safety of their furry clients, especially in hot seasons. Thankfully, Apollo Sunguard offers commercial-grade shade structures as an easy and cost-effective solution perfect for pet-friendly locations looking to protect from the sun year-round.

With Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures, pets can enjoy the outdoors at minimum risk, and owners can rest easily knowing their beloved furry baby is safe and happy. Apollo Sunguard’s recent collaborations with Bayside Pet Resort and NoHo Dog Park showcase shade structures’ critical role in enhancing the pet experience and attracting pet owners.

The Impact of Heat on Pets

If you’re feeling hot, think about how our four-legged friends feel. According to Pets Pro, domestic animals like dogs and cats can’t cool themselves as efficiently as people can, making them more prone to heat-related illnesses than humans. With fur coats and ineffective thermoregulatory abilities working against them, pets have difficulty staying safe during the summer and mainly rely on painting and avoiding direct sunlight to regulate their body temperature. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause severe health issues or can even be fatal.

Shade Structures: Good for Pets

Pets love to play and frolic outside, but the risk of overheating in hot temperatures is a concern. However, keeping them cooped up indoors all summer is not the solution. Pets seek shade to cool off, but natural shade from trees may not always be available or sufficient. This is where Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures come to the rescue. By providing reliable and extensive shade, our structures significantly reduce the potential heat-related risks posed by the sun, ensuring pets have ample protection from the sun year-round.

Apollo Sunguard shade structures are crafted from durable, high-quality fabric designed to reduce temperatures underneath by up to 20 degrees cooler. Additionally, our fabrics block up to 96% of harmful UV rays. UV rays are responsible for skin cancer in humans and domestic animals. Comprehensive protection against UV rays also mitigates the risk of sunburn and long-term eye damage.

Shade Structures: Good for Business

Industrial shade structures offer more than just protection from the heat; they are a fantastic way for businesses to enhance their appeal and stand out from competitors. With a wide range of fabric color variations and steel colors, businesses have the freedom to customize and create a unique space that aligns with their vision. Apollo Sunguard can transform any outdoor space into something that pops and reinforces brand identity, sparking optimism and excitement about the potential growth of their business.

Owners are more likely to trust and frequent a facility that prioritizes their pets’ safety and comfort. By investing in Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures, businesses demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe, comfortable environment for pets. This commitment is noticed by pet owners and translates into increased customer loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Transforming Bayside Pet Resort and Noho Dog Park

To showcase how Apollo Sunguard transformed pet-friendly locations to be even more friendly, let’s look at Apollo’s recent collaboration with Bayside Pet Resort and NoHo Dog Park. Bayside Pet Resort’s North Port, Florida location and NoHo Dog Park in Tampa recently partnered with Apollo Sunguard to upgrade their outdoor pet play areas to feature top-tier shade structures. Providing our four-legged friends with much-needed relief from the intense Florida sun. At Bayside Pet Resort, the new shade structures have created a cooler and more enjoyable play area that encourages dogs to be more active without the worry of overheating. A similar result was also seen at Noho Dog Park; it has become a welcoming spot for pets and their owners where everyone can relax and have fun.

Ready, Pet, Go!

With an industry-leading warranty that covers steel frameworks for 20 years and fabrics for 15 years, we are proud to offer our furry friends premier and reliable shading solutions.

Apollo Sunguard’s mascot, George (pictured to the right), invites you to call the Apollo Sunguard headquarters with any questions you may have to help transform your space, whether it be a dog park, pet resort, doggie daycare or humane society, into an oasis for all pets big and small.

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