Shade Your EV Charging Stations with Apollo Sunguard

You’ve made the decision to purchase EV Charging stations to attract more customers and enhance the experience of your place of business. Now it’s time to protect your investment by placing your charging stations under shade.

Shaded charging stations lower heat, conserve energy, require less maintenance, provide faster charging and enhance curbside appeal – all of which improve the parking experience at your organization.

Lower Heat and Save Energy with Shaded EV Charging

While natural light improves our quality of life, the sun’s harmful effects can lead to a poor experience with EV charging due to high heat and high energy usage. Shade can help dramatically.

Excessive heat in electric cars impairs their battery function. As the temperature rises inside a parked car, the temperature of the car battery also rises. Hot batteries take more power to charge. In fact, EV charging stations placed in direct sunlight require up to 2kW more power for a car battery to become fully charged.

Our shade structures, including our cantilevers that are ideal for parking lots, are specifically designed to mimic trees, providing similar shade and natural light. Our shades lower temperatures beneath the canopy by up to 20 degrees. This means the car is kept cooler, which results in a longer battery life and less power to charge.

Shaded EV Charging Requires Less Maintenance

Shading EV charging stations results in better protection of the charging equipment itself from the harmful sun’s rays.

The shade cloth on our cantilevers blocks up to 93 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays, one of the leading culprits of fading interiors and cracking dashboards in cars. Imagine what consistent direct sunlight will do to a charging station left in a hot parking lot. Placing shade over the charging equipment means less maintenance in the long term.

As to the maintenance of the shade structure itself, our structures are designed with superior quality steel and are virtually maintenance free. We design our structures to incorporate a simple quick release system, should you ever need to replace the cloth. However, our fabric is known for its durability and strength, and are mildew and mold resistant. In addition, our advanced stitching thread is non-aging and carries a lifetime guarantee that it will not rot from UV exposure or environmental causes.

In summary, shaded EV charging stations require less maintenance – of the shade structure, cloth and the actual charging equipment. Ultimately, this means less replacement cost, saving you money in the long run.

Shaded EV Charging is Faster, Enhances Curbside Appeal

Shaded UV charging stations are attractive to potential customers and employees and we are certain people will want to park in your parking lot.

Placing shade over your EV charging stations means keeping the car, its battery and your EV charging equipment cooler – which results in a faster charge for your customers and employees. Research shows that shaded EV charging stations take up to 14 percent less time to charge than those located in the hot sun. This is something that your employees and customers will appreciate.

Shaded EV Stations can also lead to a more attractive curbside appeal and provide you an opportunity to enhance the look of your place of business’ external façade. At Apollo Sunguard, we offer an array of vibrant colors of shade cloth and durable powder-coated frames so that you have the flexibility to obtain the look you are seeking for outside your organization’s external aesthetics.

Between the shade and colorful sales, your parking lot will be a hard one to pass for those looking to park.

Shade Your EV Charging Stations with Peace of Mind

There is peace of mind knowing that your shade structures are backed by the strongest warranty in the industry. Our warranty covers all steel framework for 20 years and all fabric covers for 15 years. This is a non-prorated warranty.

Don’t wait. Speak to one of our shaded EV charging experts today. Contact us at 1-800-319-1010 or at [email protected].

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