Yo Ho Yo Ho, A Shaded Life for Me!

Making One-of-a-Kind Shade Structure Visions Come to Life

Located on the shores of Sarasota’s beautiful bay, Bayfront Park became the canvas for a special project envisioned by the City of Sarasota. Due to the park’s proximity to the bay, the city saw a unique opportunity to design an enchanting shipwrecked-themed playground and splash pad.

Apollo Sunguard was honored to be entrusted to help make the city’s vision come to life by designing and engineering custom shade structures that provide cool, comfortable relief from the Florida sun while mimicking the sails of a large ship.

The result: Apollo Sunguard met this challenge spectacularly! The quality craftsmanship of Apollo Sunguard shade structures is undeniable. A once typical playground was transformed with the help of ingeniously designed shade structures that provide much-needed sun protection while bringing to life the city’s vision of a sunken ship.

In an interview aired on ABC-7, the Parks and Recreation Director of the City of Sarasota, Jerry Fogle, said, “I believe this will be the happening spot. This is really unique and special, and I think this is going to be one of the most popular spots throughout the city and probably the county.”

Bayfront Park sets sail with a brand new playground and splash pad.

On the morning of February 1st, the City of Sarasota hosted a grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil its new shipwrecked-themed playground and splash pad at Bayfront Park. As the crowd gathered for the early morning ceremony, many began to release their inner swashbucklers; even Mayor Liz Alpert, Vice Mayor Jan Ahearn-Koch and Commissioner Debbie Trice sported fun, pirate-themed hats for the event.

Fogle said in his opening remarks, “This is a true custom-made playground, one of a kind,” he declared. As Fogle spoke about the new additions to Bayfront Park, it was apparent that the city focused on providing a safe, comfortable and fun destination for all those who visited the park.

After remarks from Fogle and others, the mayor did the honor of snipping the red ribbon to the park’s entrance. As the mayor cut the ribbon, children rushed in to explore the shipwrecked wonderland protected from the hot Florida sun by the sand and black-colored sails that overhang the new attraction.

It was evident by everyone’s expressions that the park provided an oasis of fun and relaxation for all ages. While children enjoyed the shaded playground, adults congregated under the plentiful shaded picnic areas, enjoying the sights and the company of their family and friends under the city’s custom shade structures.

Make any project uniquely yours with shade structures!

Apollo Sunguard’s involvement was not just about fulfilling a shade order; it was about co-authoring a story where each element, from the shade sails and steel frames to the thematic design and engineering, contributed to the creation of an outdoor space that is genuinely and unmistakably one-of-a-kind.

At the heart of Apollo Sunguard’s capabilities lies the art of shade structure customization. The industrial sunshade structures installed at Bayfront Park were not just for looks; they were carefully crafted to elevate the safety and comfort of the park. Bayfront Park is a testament to Apollo Sunguard’s commitment to turning clients’ visions into tangible, awe-inspiring structures.

The versatility of Apollo Sunguard’s offerings was pivotal in this project’s success. Whether you are designing a playground, an outdoor seating area such as an amphitheater, or any other project needing proper shading, Apollo Sunguard ensures unmatched freedom in design.

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