Parking Shades: The Key to Improving Business and Protecting Property

When it comes to parking, nothing beats a nicely shaded parking spot protected from the sun’s heat. Even if it means going out of the way, many of us take the extra time to look for shaded parking. This habit is especially true for those who live in states with hot summers like the Sunshine State. The intense Florida heat causes lasting damage that can affect your vehicle’s aesthetics, comfort, and even functionality.

Parking shades are increasing in popularity.

Nowadays, parking shade structures are trending as cost-effective assets that provide more than protected parking. Parking shade structures assist with building property value by adding an extra element of attractiveness to tenants and customers. Shaded parking is quickly becoming popular for commercial, recreational, homeowner associations, retirement communities and apartment complexes looking to stand out. As more people seek sheltered parking, parking shade structures create a business opportunity to generate revenue by charging premium parking.

As curbside pickups, EV charging stations and premium parking spaces are integrated into parking lots, shade structures are recognized as the perfect amenity to complement these spaces. The colorful shade designs aren’t just for looks and brand establishment. They offer convenience, comfort, sustainability, and, most importantly, protection from harmful UV rays and intense weather and aid with reducing the heat island effect.

How do shade structures improve parking?

One of the primary benefits of shade structures is their exceptional sun and weather protection. Vehicles parked under direct sunlight are unprotected from prolonged UV exposure, dramatically causing interiors and exteriors to heat. Research demonstrates that vehicles parked in the shade can be 100+ degrees cooler than cars parked in direct sunlight. This temperature disparity can make all the difference in preserving a car. Fortunately, industrial parking shades have emerged as a budget-friendly solution for vehicles parked on retail, recreational and apartment properties.

What happens to vehicles unprotected from sunlight?

  • Exterior Damage to Paint
    • Direct contact with UV rays causes vehicle paint to fade much faster. According to Sliplo, parking in a shaded area is the most effective way to preserve your vehicle’s paint. The more protection you have against UV light, the less damage it’ll incur over time.
  • Interior Damage
    • Interior components such as seats, steering wheels, and dashboards begin to crack due to becoming extremely hot and leading to accelerated wear and tear. According to a study funded by Strategic Solar Energy LLC, dashboards unprotected from the sun can reach over 190 degrees.
  • Accelerated Tire Deterioration
    • UV rays will compromise the rubber tread on tires by accelerating the process of tire dry rot. Vehicles become more unsafe as dry rot quickly cracks the tire’s sidewall.
  • Decrease in Battery Life Expectancy
    • Direct sunlight can cause battery fluids to evaporate, which shortens the battery’s expected life span.

Apollo Shade Structures Serve as the Ultimate Shield Against the Sun and Weather

Apollo Sunguard shade structures block up to 97 percent of UV rays, providing constant protection for your vehicle’s paint, interior, tires, and battery life and effectively extending the life of your vehicle’s integrity. Damage control from the sun is not limited to cars; shade structures also preserve the pavement.

Optimal Protection from Harsh Weather

According to the Insurance Information Institute, hail-related insured losses between 2000 and 2019 averaged between $8 billion and $14 billion annually. This expense included large or small dents in vehicle exteriors, cracked or broken windshields, and water damage inside the vehicles due to broken glass.

Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, perfect for shielding vehicles against rain, hail and falling debris. The fabric is made from a high-density yet breathable polyethylene material resistant to mildew, mold and 115 mph wind speeds.

Perfect for EV Charging Stations

As the automotive industry makes a transformative shift towards Electric Vehicles (EVs), the incorporation of parking shade structures becomes paramount. The heat generated from the sun harms the efficiency of EVs and EV charging stations. According to an independent study, optimal battery charge conditions occur in sheltered conditions protected from the sun. Charging in the shade preserves the EV’s battery by lowering internal vehicle temperatures up to 20 degrees. EVs that charge under the cool shade use up to 2kW less power, effectively conserving energy and saving money. Charging under the shade doesn’t just save energy, but it saves your time by charging your battery up to 14 minutes faster. Click here to learn more about how shading affects EV charging stations.

Our Shade structures can easily be implemented into new or existing commercial and residential development.

Our online Cantilever gallery features a series of interconnected shades suitable for both small and large parking spaces. This includes our catalog, designed with protective parking in mind. Cantilevers offer exceptional UV protection and can drop the temperature of a parking spot by 20 degrees. Vehicle maneuverability is a breeze underneath our cantilevers thanks to its two-post design.

With the Cantilever’s flexibility comes customizability. We offer 17 options and 11 steel frame colors so that you may tailor each shade structure for a more personalized appeal.

A Golden Standard in Craftsmanship

Apollo Sunguard parking structures are built with beauty and durability in mind. Our industry-leading warranty covers all steel frameworks for 20 years, and fabric covers for 15 years.

Contact your Apollo Sunguard shade solution expert today! Our experts will ensure your parking lots are transformed spectacularly.

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