National Park & Rec Month: Benefits of Outdoor Play

This July, communities across the nation will celebrate National Park and Recreation Month. The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) has announced that this year’s theme is “Game On!” to encourage families to spend more time outdoors in their local parks.

According to a 2018 study by the NRPA, children today spend less time outdoors than any other generation, devoting only four to seven
minutes to unstructured outdoor play per day. Comparably, children spend a daily average of seven-and-a-half hours in front of electronic media. Apollo Sunguard recognizes the importance of outdoor play. In fact, our shade structures have protected children at play for years. Without shade, playgrounds can reach more than 150 degrees in direct sunlight. That’s why Apollo Sunguard invented and patented a design that retrofits existing equipment with obstacle-free playground shade.

The benefits of outdoor play are immeasurable for children. Harvard Health Blog reports that playing outside helps children develop executive function which contributes to skills such as planning, negotiating and multitasking. Additionally, unstructured outdoor play teaches children important socialization tools, introduces children to risk-taking and helps foster an early appreciation for nature. Here at Apollo Sunguard, we find inspiration from nature around us. That’s why our shade structures mimic the natural look and feel of a tree canopy. This allows air to flow freely while naturally lowering the ambient temperatures up to 20 degrees. Our shade structures not only contribute to cooler temperatures, but they also provide important UV protection and significantly reduce the risk of overheating and other heat-related injuries.

Apollo Sunguard is proud to offer the shade industry’s leading warranty – 15 years on fabric covers and 20 years on steel framework. Our Shade Cloth is known for its great strength, vibrant colors and durability. Made with high-density polyethylene material with ultraviolet additives, our cloths are breathable while resistant to mold and mildew. Additionally, all our structures are made with superior quality steel that can withstand wind loads in accordance with the current version of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), International Building Code (IBC) and applicable city, county and state codes.

This National Park and Recreation Month get your “Game On!” by installing one of Apollo Sunguard’s attractive and functional shade structures in your park or playground. These structures will immediately improve your community’s safety and comfort with the benefits of shade, while simultaneously attracting more park and recreation visitors.

For more information about the benefits of outdoor play for children, check out the National Recreation and Park Association’s website. To learn more about Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures, visit

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