Enhance Your Design: Visual & Function Benefits of Shade

Enhance Your Design: Visual and Function Benefits of Shade

In any kind of architectural design, attention to detail is incredibly important. Every area of the design should be functional yet appealing to the eye. Though not always the focus of a project, outdoor spaces are an opportunity for design to stand out in both use and appearance.

Apollo Sunguard is dedicated to creating shade structures that take outdoor spaces to the next level. Whether the project be a commercial building, a park or even a parking lot, there are shade structures that can complement and enhance any space.

Visual Benefits

There are many benefits of incorporating shade structures into outdoor designs, Including adding visual contrast, incorporating lines and balancing outdoor amenities with existing landscape.

One benefit to outdoor shade structures is the contrast that a shade structure can provide. Incorporating a pop of color can help draw attention to a particular area that is intended to be highlighted. Additionally, the color of a shade structure can be matched to a specific theme that will create a sense of unity from the outdoor space to surrounding areas.

Another benefit that Apollo Sunguard shade structures can provide is the incorporation of lines. This fundamental idea in architecture can draw the eye from one place to another and convey an intended feel for a design. Horizontal, vertical, curved, diagonal and other types of lines can all create a different feeling for a space, all of which can be achieved with Apollo shades.

The balance of an outdoor space is another important element that can be improved with the use of shade structures from Apollo Sunguard. Using the structures to add balance to an area without large trees or to balance the weight of a building can be accomplished. This allows the entire space to feel complete and full.

When creating any design, indoor or outdoor, every space needs a focal point – something that immediately grabs the attention of someone entering the space. The unique shape of an Apollo Sunguard shade structure can be the perfect addition to create interest and draw people into the area.

Functional Benefits

Along with all the visual benefits of implementing Apollo Sunguard shades into an outdoor project, there are functional ones as well. Apollo can offer UV protection, tree mimicry and can help save energy.

The fabric of Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures is made of high-density polyethylene with ultraviolet additives and can block up to 96 percent of UV rays. By rejecting a large amount of ultraviolet light, people’s skin can be protected from the sun while still allowing them to enjoy an outdoor space.

Additionally, the structures can keep both buildings and vehicles cooler which lowers energy costs. When an Apollo Sunguard shade structure is near a building, the shade that it provides can keep the interior cooler and can reduce the amount of energy required to cool it.

Apollo Sunguard also offers electric charging stations and shade structures that provide an umbrella of protection for both the car and the station. Electric car batteries charge more efficiently when shaded. The shade also gives a cool, comfortable area that people are drawn to spend time. Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures mimic trees and create a shaded area that can be up to 20 degrees cooler while still allowing air to move.

Whatever the outdoor space, there is a shade structure from Apollo Sunguard that can help enhance the design and create an area that people will be able to enjoy using and enjoy looking at. The company provides pre-fabricated shade structures or can work one-on-one with a project architect to design a custom canopy and structure.

To learn more about how Apollo Sunguard can enhance outdoor spaces, visit www.ApolloSunguard.com. To speak with one of Apollo Sunguard’s knowledgeable staff, call 1-800-319-1010 or email [email protected].

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