Why Pets Need Shade to Be Safe

Pets, although especially vulnerable to heat-related health risks, are often overlooked in the yearly struggle against summer weather. Most domestic animals such as dogs and cats possess ineffective thermoregulatory abilities compared to humans, relying mostly on panting and escaping sunlight to keep cool. Combined with thick fur coats and minimal sweating, enjoying year-round outdoor activity is naturally challenging for our four-legged friends. Fortunately, keeping pets safe and comfortable against heat can be easy with Apollo Sunguard shade structures.

Shades for Pets

Whether in parks or pet-friendly establishments, pets should be kept safe from excessive heat and sunlight. Providing shade is one of the best ways to compliment domestic animals’ natural heat-combating mechanisms, and it can be affordably done with Apollo Sunguard shade structures.

Apollo Sunguard shades are composed of durable, high-quality fabric that can reduce underneath temperatures by 20 degrees. They additionally block up to 96% of UV light responsible for sunburn and long-term eye damage. Overexposure to UV rays is a leading risk factor of skin cancer in humans and domestic animals alike but can be safely avoided under shade.

Our structures are built with market-leading steel frameworks that carry 20-year warranties. Despite their long lifespans, Apollo Sunguard frameworks require little maintenance and can withstand strong weathering. Shade fabrics carry a 15-year warranty and are mold, mildew and rot resistant.

We offer fabrics in 17 color variations and frameworks in 11 steel colors. Structures can be personalized with designs and company logos that mirror and improve the look of your outdoor area or establishment.

Pet Sails

Shades for Pets

Shades for Pets

Our highly adaptable Sunguard Shade Sails™ are ideal for shading pets. Sails are available in triangle, rectangle and multiple-point designs that can be endlessly overlapped and interconnected to fit any outdoor setting. Rescue shelters, parks and commercial spaces have integrated Apollo Sunguard sails and continue to reap the benefits of having quality shade structures for all to enjoy.

At the Sarasota County Animal Services Shelter, sails were interconnected in 2 X 2 blocks where dogs enjoy open-air activity without risking heat exhaustion and exposure to excessive sunlight. Apollo Hip Roofs were also added to encompass large spaces in single installations.

Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue, a Florida animal shelter and adoption center, also installed Apollo Sails to their new facility. There, pets receiving care and awaiting adoption can socialize and enjoy the outdoors safe from the blistering Florida sun.

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Established in 1993, Apollo Sunguard is the country’s oldest privately owned commercial shade manufacturer. We offer premier shade solutions with industry-leading warranties and are proud to provide America’s pets with reliable products. Contact us here to learn more.

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