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Shade Structures & Sports Venues: The Perfect Combo

Whether cheering from university grandstands or competing at local park courts or fields, sports are meant promote healthy socialization and exercise. Still, they often pose dangers beyond their necessary physical demands. Exposure to heat and direct sunlight, even for short periods, can evoke serious health risks and discomfort. With metal bleachers, dark asphalt courts and treeless fields, many sports facilities are not equipped to contain the sun with cooling shade. Fortunately, Apollo’s dynamic and breathable shade structures offer practical solutions for any athletic venue.

Functions of Shade

Shade installations can make any facility safer and more comfortable for fans and athletes. Available in a variety of colors and designs, Apollo structures can also improve the look of any athletic environment.

Apollo shade structures are composed of first-class fabric and steel that provide excellent air circulation, glare reduction and UV light mitigation. Despite their heavy makeup, our shades are extremely breathable and do not hinder natural ventilation. Engineered to mimic the natural shade of trees, Apollo structures can drop temperatures by as much as 20 degrees where installed. They eliminate irritating and distracting solar glare so athletes and spectators can focus on games and can diminish UV light responsible for sunburn and eye damage by up to 96%.

Apollo offers 17 fabric and 11 steel colors that can be combined to match those of your establishment or desired aesthetic. Shades can be customized to display team or institution logos and personalized designs.

Structures are available in nine frame styles with subtypes of countless shapes and sizes. These can be extensively adjusted and interconnected to shade any sporting event. Custom shade sport shade structures are also available.

Keep Fans and Athletes Cool

Shading affordably improves fan and athlete experiences in any outdoor venue.

Apollo offers several cost-effective solutions for comfortable spectating and fan participation. Cantilevers can cover stadium grandstands as well as small team shops and outdoor dining areas. In smaller venues, our Industry-Standard Bleachers Covers can encompass 3-10 seating rows. These facilitate game viewing by preventing solar glare and overheated seats and rails. In baseball and softball venues, durable Apollo shades are a popular solution for protecting fans from foul balls.

Sleek shades with team and organization logos also boost fan spirit and strengthen home-field advantage. We have vast design options to affordably transform the look of bland bleachers and commercial areas.

Athletes can also enjoy the benefits of cool shade. Shades structures are often installed in dugouts and on sidelines, allowing players to cool off free from blistering sunlight. Titan shades can cover entire tennis and basketball courts and swimming pools, providing comfort during play and reducing the risks of heat strokes and fatigue.

Expand Your Facility with Shade

Shades can create comfortable spaces for physical recreation in environments that are naturally prone to intense sunlight, such as open fields that can be used for outdoor fitness, bocce matches and other popular activities. Sports shades have often been used in parks to provide spaces for outdoor table tennis and group yoga sessions. These installations can expand your institution and attract guests by transforming existing areas into comfortable and appealing recreation sites.

Want to learn more about improving and expanding your facility with sports shades? Contact us today.

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