Improving & Expanding School Campuses with Shade Structures

The value of outdoor education has been one of the COVID-19 pandemic’s greatest revelations. Although most schools have loosen COVID-19 restrictions, emphasis on open-air activities has continued in learning facilities of all stages—from K-12 to colleges and universities.

Research has shown significant improvements in students’ test scores, health and behavior by practicing outdoor activities in schools. Nevertheless, hot weather and strong sunlight often prevent students from enjoying the benefits of learning in open space.

By shielding against sunlight and mitigating heat, Apollo Sunguard shades can provide any campus with opportunities for comfortable outdoor experiences. Our shade structures promote healthy and effective learning, made possible by innovative technologies.

Superior performance, durability and easy utility are trademarks of Apollo shades. Let’s look at how these factors make for ideal campus installations.

Why Apollo Shades?

Apollo shade fabrics are renowned for their strength, low maintenance, and extensive color variations. Composed of highly dense polyethylene material, our fabrics replicate the natural shades of trees, allowing for 20-degree temperature drops where installed. In addition to blocking visible light and heat, Apollo shades diminish up to 96% of UV light responsible for long-term eye and skin damage. They demand little upkeep as they are mold, mildew and rot resistant, with lifetime guarantees to attest.

Our structures are made of high-grade steel and like Apollo fabrics, are virtually maintenance-free. All structures contain our Quick Release System™ that allows fabrics to be detached with only a standard wrench, providing seamless function.

School safety is a priority at Apollo Sunguard. Our fabric is rated a Class 1 Material by the Southwest Research Institute, responsible for industrial fire testing and grading. Similarly, our structures are capable of withstanding up to 180 MPH winds, far exceeding international and Florida building codes.

Shades for Schools

Structural versatility is a defining feature of Apollo shades. Nine series of structures are available in varying models. Despite their distinct qualities, adaptive structures allow for limitless applications in school campuses. Hip Roofs, Titans, Cantilevers and Sails are our most popular campus installations.

Hip Roofs are an ideal economic option for outside learning and recreation areas. They are commonly installed above large seating spaces, playgrounds and pools. Hip Roofs span from 10’-50’ and are available in five geometric styles. Corner columns make them a practical solution for covering large groups in outside classrooms and leisure areas.

Titan structures are similar to Hip Roofs, however considerably larger. Titans are often used to cover basketball courts, outdoor classrooms, and large event areas. Due to their sizes, Titan posts are fortified with additional steel that permits interconnections without complex structuring.

Aiming for a modern look for your campus? Sails structures are unique in their ability to overlap and link with different sized shades. Interconnected Sails can provide creative color expressions and compatibility with almost any outdoor campus activity. These shades offer imaginative designs that can be easily adjusted in accordance with natural and architectural obstacles.

Integrated shades for playgrounds and bleacher covers are also available at Apollo Sunguard, along with four additional shade structures that can improve any campus’ aesthetics and educational experience.

Want to learn more about improving and expanding your campus experience with shade? Contact us today.

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