Protect Kids and Equipment with Apollo Playground Shades

In schoolyards and local parks, playgrounds are where kids learn to socialize and engage in healthy exercise – combining their limitless imaginations with play towers, monkey bars, slides and more. Naturally, bumps and scratches can happen, and tears often flow. Such is expected, and safety solutions like equipment padding and mulch are widely implemented. In the summer, however, overexposure to dangerous solar rays and heat present additional threats to our children. Luckily, Apollo Sunguard has them covered.

Why Shade?

Unshaded playground equipment can get dangerously hot in the summer, reaching temperatures of up to 167°F — enough to burn skin within only a second of contact. Heat and UV rays also cause fatigue, sunburn and long-term health risks. That is why offering the protection of shade is so essential.

Our Quality

Apollo Sunguard provides America’s playgrounds with cool shade and ultraviolet protection. Our fabrics are made with the highest quality material and are combined with galvanized American steel frames for optimal performance.

By emulating the natural canopy of trees, Apollo shades can drop ambient temperatures by 20 degrees while allowing excellent air circulation. They block up to 96% of UV light responsible for sunburns, long-term skin and eye damage, and fading and cracking of playground equipment.

Easy function and durability make our structures ideal for shading spaces like playgrounds. Our strong fabrics are mold, mildew and rot resistant, so minimal maintenance is required throughout their lifespans. With Apollo’s patented Quick Release System™, shades can be quickly removed and reattached for cleaning or anticipation of severe storms.

At Apollo Sunguard we strive for first-class safety in all our products. With covers removed, Apollo structures can withstand 180 mph winds – far exceeding state and international building codes – and our fabric is rated a Class 1 Fire Safety Material by the Southwest Research Institute. These measures are backed by our market-leading 20-year warranty on all steel frameworks and 15-year warranty on fabrics.

Playground Shade Solutions

Apollo Sunguard offers the industry’s largest attached shades in our integrated PlayTowers and PlayBrellas™, which can be fitted to any new or existing playground structure. These shades provide excellent solar protection and can significantly extend the life of your equipment.

We offer an extensive shade collection for surrounding areas and equipment such as benches, swing sets and sandboxes, including our traditional umbrella styled BreezeBrellas, highly adaptable Sails and stylish Cantilevers.

Our fabrics come in vibrant colors and a wide variety of steel frame colors and can be personalized with school or club logos for added curb appeal.

Contact Us Today!

Established in 1993, we are America’s oldest privately owned commercial shade manufactured and are proudly veteran owned. For more information about adding shade to your playground, contact Apollo Sunguard at 941-925-3000.

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