Cantilever Shades: A Versatile Shade Solution for Any Location

As the sun beats down, finding a solution to create a comfortable outdoor space for refuge from the relentless heat becomes a top priority. Enter the Apollo Sunguard Cantilever shade structure and you’ll find cooling comfort. That’s because Apollo Sunguard shade covers are made from a high-density polyethylene material and ultraviolet additives that are breathable, mimicking trees – nature’s best shade makers.

Under an Apollo Sunguard shade structure, temperatures can feel up to 20 degrees cooler while naturally blocking up to 97 percent of UV rays. It’s no wonder Cool Today, a Florida HVAC company, chose to brand an Apollo Sunguard Cantilever shade structure at LECOM Park (see featured image above).

Get Exceptional Protection without Sacrificing Practicality

Cantilever structures provide UV protection that protects people and property from the sun’s harmful rays. Whether in parking areas, poolside retreats, school seating areas, or bleachers and grandstands at sports venues, cantilevers will protect people from heat exhaustion and property from sun damage.

The Cantilever’s unique design also gives access to maximum shade coverage without needing obstructive support posts, providing unobstructed space and freedom of movement underneath – allowing flexibility when hosting events, arranging furniture, or parked vehicles.

Shielding Parking Areas from UV Damage

Parking areas are often exposed to intense sunlight, and vehicles parked outdoors are prone to sun exposure, resulting in paint fade and interior damage. Cantilever shade structures extend the life of a vehicle, as well as slow down the deterioration of pavement. These shade structures also dramatically decrease a vehicle’s internal temperature to protect people and cars from harmful UV rays, rain, hail and more.

Creating Safe Poolside Retreats

Cantilever shading structures are perfect for adequate poolside protection that covers loungers, sunbathers, children’s play zones, and poolside dining areas—allowing guests to enjoy the pool while minimizing exposure to harmful UV radiation.

Safeguarding School Seating Areas

Cantilever shading can create shaded havens for students during break times, outdoor classes, and social gatherings on school grounds. Safeguarding school areas from the sun provides a comfortable, educational environment that promotes outdoor activities without the risk of heat-related health issues.

Enhancing Spectator Comfort

Outdoor sports venues attract large crowds, but even die-hard sports fans may second guess going to a game in intense heat. However, Cantilever shade structures installed above bleachers and grandstands will enhance spectator comfort by keeping fans cool, ensuring a more enjoyable and memorable experience.

Looking Cool While Keeping Cool

Cantilever shade structures exude a modern and sophisticated appeal that adds to any setting’s overall ambiance. These structures can be customized to perfectly match the existing architecture, seamlessly integrating shading with the surrounding environment. See our Cantilever gallery for more shade structure examples.

Are you looking to keep cool today? Contact your Apollo Sunguard shade solution expert today! Our expert shade guides will solve your shade needs and ensure you transform your space spectacularly.

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