HOAs: Upgrade Community Amenities with Shade

Want to Extend Your Time Enjoying Community Amenities?

Look no further, Apollo Sunguard has you covered. We specialize in creating inviting heat reduction outdoor spaces with UV protection shade structures. We work closely with Homeowner Associations (HOAs) to provide top-quality shade structures for playgrounds and pools to tennis and bocce courts. We tailor our solutions to meet your community’s needs, to keep outdoor amenities enjoyable year-round.

In states where the sunshine is plentiful, cooling shade allows more time to play a game like bocce, also known as Italian lawn bowling. This easy-to-play game is for all ages and makes a great addition to any community looking for fun and value. Tara Golf and Country Club upgraded their courts with shade (see feature image), and many other communities have done the same because quality shade is an amenity that everyone can enjoy.

Why Apollo Shades?

Not only do Apollo Sunguard UV protection shade structures act as a shield against harmful UV radiation and prolonged sun exposure, but they also provide excellent heat reduction for outdoor spaces. Homeowner Associations, here’s what they can do for your community:

  • Reduce Heat – Designed to mimic the natural canopy of trees; Apollo shades can drop temperatures by 20 degrees while remaining extremely breathable. Shade structures for playgrounds and sporting areas such as basketball, tennis, pickleball and bocce courts, make for great assets that reinforce comfortable play on even the hottest summer day.
  • Block UV Rays – Our UV protection shade structures block up to 96% of harmful ultraviolet light. Apollo shades effectively eliminate UV rays and protect residents from sunburn and long-term skin and eye damage. They also prevent fading outdoor equipment and furniture. Making shade structures for playgrounds perfect for preserving the integrity of the area’s equipment.
  • Safety & Durability – Easy function and durability are staples of Apollo Sunguard. With our patented Quick Release System™, shades can quickly be removed and reattached in emergencies. Our structures can withstand 180 mph winds with covers removed, exceeding state and international building codes, and our fabric is rated a Class 1 Fire Safety Material by the Southwest Research Institute. Apollo shades are mold, mildew and rot-resistant and are easy to maintain.
  • Industry Leading Warranty – Our shade structures are built using high-quality shade fabric and top-of-the-line steel frames. That is why we proudly offer the industry’s leading warranty. Our shade covers are backed with a 15-year warranty and our frames with a 20-year warranty. Both are non-prorated.
  • Excellent Customer Service – Our shade specialists can provide you with turnkey experience and our wide array of products are sure to keep your current and future residents happy.

Shades for Amenities

Here are some popular shade structure options for community pools, playgrounds, courts and more.

BreezeBrellas® – Our classic single-post BreezeBrellas® offers the perfect shade for outdoor dining and lounging. Available in three styles (hexagon, square and offset), these shades make stylish additions to pool sides, sandboxes, pickleball, tennis and bocce ball court viewing areas and more.

Cantilevers – Apollo’s most popular designs are highly versatile and practical for almost any function. Available in multiple variations, the Cantilever’s hanging posture and two-post design make it ideal for shading parking lots, pool lounge areas, dining spaces and more.

PlayTowers & PlayBrellas® – Apollo Sunguard’s invention, these shade structures for playgrounds can be seamlessly integrated to both new and existing playground equipment. They keep slides, floors and rails cool for safe and enjoyable playtime. Moreover, these UV protection shade structures prevent equipment from fading and cracking over time.

Sails – Our most adaptable structure, Sunguard Shade Sails™, is endlessly interconnectable due to its three-point design. They can attach at different heights for a dramatic look and be styled with vibrant color schemes. Sunguard Shade Sails™ will complement any outdoor amenity – big or small.

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Established in 1993, Apollo Sunguard is the country’s oldest privately owned commercial shade manufacturer. We offer quality products with industry-leading warranties and are proud to provide America’s communities with quality shade. Contact us here to learn more.

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