Improve Business with Shaded Parking

Finding parking may not be so difficult in the Sunshine State, but keeping vehicles under the intense Florida heat presents a unique challenge. Unshaded car interiors can get unbearably hot, and high summer temperatures can damage vehicles and pose serious health risks.

Fortunately, Apollo Sunguard can help you keep cool and improve your business with quality parking shades.

Shaded parking has become a highly demanded amenity with the recent ascension of curb-side pickups and EV charging stations, and it can be a beneficial addition to any commercial parking space. Parking shades enhance comfort and safety while preserving vehicle batteries, tires and paint jobs. Installations also help attract customers and generate revenue for your establishment.

Let’s look at how Apollo parking shades work, and why they can be a great investment for your business.

Apollo Parking Shades

Apollo shades feature top-of-the-line fabric and steel with easy to function mechanisms. Our fabric is imported from the world’s leading cloth manufacturer, MultiKnit of South Africa, and our frames are built with cold-rolled, galvanized tubular steel with a triple layer of protection.

Our catalogue extends a series of stylish interconnectable shades that can cover small to large parking spaces, including our highly demanded Cantilevers.

The Cantilever’s accessible two-post designs make them easy to park under, with double-sided shades being a popular choice. They are designed to mimic the natural canopy of trees and can drop ambient temperatures by as much as 20 degrees. Cantilevers provide excellent solar control while remaining extremely breathable. Here’s how they can improve parking:

  • Heat Reduction – Cars parked under Apollo shades can be up to 100 degrees cooler than ones kept under sunlight. Shaded parking can reduce battery wear and A/C strain and prevent tire rot. Additionally, electric vehicles are proven to charge up to 10% faster under shade.
  • UV Protection – Our structures reduce harmful UV rays responsible for fading paint jobs, vehicle interiors and property by as much as 96%.
  • Durability – Apollo fabrics are rot, mold and mildew resistant and made of Class 1 fire rating material. Frames can withstand 180mph winds and are backed by our market-leading 20-year warranty.
  • Quick Release System – Our patented Quick Release System makes it easy to detach shade fabrics in case of storms or emergencies.

But the advantages of shaded parking aren’t limited to just excellent performance. Here are more ways that Apollo structures can benefit your business:

  • Enhance Aesthetics – We offer 17 vibrant fabric options and 11 frame colors to match your establishment’s brand and improve curb appeal. Printed company logos are also available for a welcoming personalized look.
  • Generate Revenue – Apollo installations create an opportunity for revenue with premium shaded parking spots for customers and employees.
  • Raise Property Value – Shade structures can immediately raise your property value upon installation.

Upgrade Your Parking Today!

Apollo Sunguard is America’s oldest privately owned commercial shade manufacturer and proud leaders in shade innovation. We offer superior quality shade solutions with industry-leading warranties, and we’d be glad to help improve your business with shaded parking. For more information, contact us here.

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