EV Charging Stations Get Faster Charging Times When Shaded

Never has there been a demand for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations like we are seeing today. And with this demand, is the need to expand the EV charging station infrastructure.

With the Biden administration in Washington, D.C., the U.S. federal government appears to be poised to aggressively invest in EV charging infrastructure.

Right here in the Sunshine State, home to Apollo Sunguard headquarters, Governor Ron DeSantis is taking steps to protect air quality while expanding its charging stations by 50 percent along most traveled corridors.

An increased network of EV charging systems, the new gas station, will surely increase the demand for more electric vehicles. With this surge, consumers will demand faster charging times and EV charging station suppliers will seek to meet this demand while protecting their chargers.

Shade and Save

The best way to meet both these needs is to add shade to your EV charging stations.

Apollo Sunguard Systems, Inc. is one of two vendors awarded by the BPA (Blanket Purchase Agreement) by GSA Fleet for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and the sole awardee for Ancillary EVSE Data Services.

Government agencies can place task orders not only for charging stations, but also for accessories against the BPA directly from Apollo Sunguard without GSA Fleet involvement.

Why Shade Your Charging Station?

Excessive heat impairs battery function. In fact, electric vehicles charging in direct sunlight can require up to 2kW more of power to become fully charged.

A heat study on electric vehicles was conducted and revealed EVs charging under an Apollo Sunguard shade structure charged 14 minutes faster and used less power than an unshaded vehicle.

Apollo Sunguard shade structures not only improve the charging efficiency of electric vehicles, but they also protect the interior and exterior from sun damage. This is because Apollo Sunguard’s Shade Cloth mimics the natural shade of trees by allowing air to flow through, helping to cool down even energy-absorbing materials such as asphalt and concrete. Under an Apollo Sunguard shade structure, the ambient temperature can feel 20 degrees cooler.

Why Shade with Apollo Sunguard?

We have been a leader in shade innovation since 1993. Our wide range of standard- and custom-engineered steel frame structures and tensile shade sails provide optimum sun protection and cool comfort wherever you need it. We are also a Premier Partner of ChargePoint, the leader in state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging stations utilizing cutting-edge technology. We have held GSA contracts since 2003, so purchasing from us ensures you are getting the greatest vale in terms of price, performance and durability, as you are dealing with a GSA-approved company with GSA-negotiated prices.

Ensure your charging stations are effective and protected by equipping them with our industry-leading shade products. Contact one of our government and EV charging shade specialist today to learn more.

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