3 Things to Look for in a Shade Structure Manufacturer

Strong Warranty

When investing in a shade structure, it is important to make sure that the structure and the shade fabric is made to last. To ensure you get great value, make sure to find a shade manufacturer that provides a strong warranty.

Apollo Sunguard has such a warranty. In fact, we have the shade industry’s strongest warranty — 15 years on all fabric and 20 years on steel framework. Our non-prorated factory warranty guarantees that you can feel confident that your shade will be covered in year 15 the same way it would be in year one.

Superior Materials & Engineering

Making something to last takes conscientious people who care about what they are doing, exceptional materials that stand up to long-term weather exposure and innovative engineering that is a step ahead of the pack.

As the oldest privately-owned shade manufacturer in the country, Apollo Sunguard is proud to be a leader in shade innovation. We use top of the line materials, so our shade sails and structures are durable, easy-to-maintain and effective at reducing UV exposure and temperatures in the shade.

In our fabrication plant in Sarasota, Florida, each shade panel is cut to exact measurements, sewn and reinforced. We use advanced, non-aging stitching thread that can stand up to direct sunlight for the life of the shade. Our steel framework structures are made with cold-rolled, galvanized tubular steel with a triple layer of protection.

All our structures are engineered to withstand wind loads in accordance with the current version of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 7, International Building Code (IBC), and applicable city, county and state codes.

Apollo Sunguard’s engineering services include:

  • Sealed Engineering Plans for all 50 States
  • Engineering & Design Assistance Available
  • Multi Foundation Designs for all Geotechnical Requirements & Soil Conditions in all Regions
  • Site Specific Engineering Assistance for Special Site Conditions Included with Order
  • Structures Engineered to Withstand 115 MPH Wind Load per current International Building Code (IBC) & Florida Building Code (FBC)*
  • All Structures Frames Engineered to Withstand 180 MPH Wind Load with Covers Off

*Apollo Sunguard recommends cover removal when winds forecast to exceed a Category 1 hurricane of 74-95 MPH, 119-153 km/h.

Wide Selection of Designs

Having lots of options is important when looking for the perfect shade structure to compliment your outdoor space. You need a structure that will provide an oasis from the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays while adding a design element to your space that enhances your property’s aesthetics.

With 32 different structure styles to choose from, Apollo Sunguard is sure to have a product to meet the needs of your next project. Our modular design concepts come in so many colors and styles and can be interconnected into so many configurations, the options are virtually endless.

If you need a shade structure that is uniquely yours, then working with an experienced engineering team is key to ensuring that your shade project is a turnkey experience. The shade experts at Apollo Sunguard understand this and that is why our in-house engineer oversees all custom projects to make sure that the design you have envisioned becomes a reality.

For more information about adding shade to your space, contact Apollo Sunguard at 941-925-3000 or at [email protected].

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