Shade: A Must Have Community Amenity

Improving community aesthetics is an investment worth making. The Sarasota community knows this and that is why they just added shade to the Tony Saprito Fishing Pier.

Attractive, quality shade structures were just one of the many improvements made to this popular and scenic fishing pier that was built in 1979. Though the addition of shade was just a small part of the city-owned pier’s upgrades, it is one that is surely to provide some welcome relief from the coming summer sun.

Whether it is adding shade to a pier like the Tony Saprito Fishing Pier, or to a community park, playground, ball field or more … well-designed shade structures can transform any space spectacularly.

Not only do quality shade structures look great, but they also feel great as they provide cooling comfort. Just like the Apollo Sunguard shade installed at Tony Saprito Fishing Pier, these state-of-the-art shade structures mimic the natural tree canopy. The breathable fabric allows air to flow freely, naturally lowering the ambient temperatures up to 20 degrees. Thereby, reducing the risk of heat related injuries.

Fun In the Sun Made Safe

For anyone who has been at a community ballpark to cheer on a loved one for a game of baseball or softball, knows that watching under shaded Shaded Ballparkbleachers makes for a much more enjoyable experience. That’s because glare is reduced, heat is mitigated and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays (and even from some foul balls) are provided.

When it comes to parks and playgrounds, it could be said that park visitors “have it made the shade” when they can while away the hours at a park that provides shade as refuge. Without shade, playgrounds can reach more than 150 degrees in direct sunlight. See Apollo Sunguard’s heat study to learn more.

Shade It And They Will Come

Shaded Parking LotAt Apollo Sunguard we have a saying, “shade it and come.” Whether it be a ball field, playground or park, shade provided by trees and/or quality shade structures just makes everything more inviting — even a parking lot.

Ever notice how the parking spots protected by some form of shade are the first to go? That’s because cars parked in shade have an internal temperature 100+ degrees cooler than a vehicle parked in the sun. That’s a difference you can feel!

Parking lot shade structures provide a multitude of benefits from dramatically decreasing a vehicle’s internal temperature to protecting people and cars from harmful UV rays, rain, hail and more.

Not only do Apollo Sunguard’s parking lot shade structures provide instant protection from the sun, they also extend the life of a vehicle, as well as slow down the deterioration of pavement. Shading your parking lot is not only a great community amenity, but it is also good for the environment. Shaded parking lots help reduce heat island effect and increase EV charging efficiencies. Learn more about how to get safe, reliable electric under shade.

Improve your community’s residents’ quality of life by adding shade to playgrounds, open spaces, sports fields, parking lots, and other public gathering spots. For more information about adding shade to your space, contact Apollo Sunguard at 941-925-3000 or at [email protected].

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