Define your space with shade

The Florida sun shines brightly in beautiful Sarasota, where Nathan Benderson Park has become a beloved spot for tourists, fitness enthusiasts and families. Park officials had an Apollo Sunguard shade structure installed over the playground in 2018. Now it’s one of the defining characteristics of the space.

People walking, jogging, driving or even rowing by the waterfront playground can’t miss the attractive blue and green sails that shade the equipment below. The colors perfectly complement the lake and the towering palm trees nearby. Apollo Sunguard fabrics are available in more than a dozen colors, and its steel frames come in a variety of custom shades, so there’s a look for every space. If you’re planning to add shade outside of your building, it’s important to select an option that complements your architecture. That’s why custom shade structures are a great choice.

Shade is a clever option for defining outdoor areas because of its simplicity and aesthetic appeal. It can look sleek and modern while still allowing the people below to feel like they’re outdoors. Shade structures from Apollo Sunguard enhance their natural surroundings instead of hiding them. Its fabrics are engineered to mimic a natural tree canopy. They welcome the breeze while attracting attention and clearly delineating boundaries.

With a wide variety of designs available – from sturdy umbrellas to sails to cantilevers – there’s not just one way to shade a space with Apollo Sunguard. Custom shade structures are great for drawing in customers with their bold looks. But be sure to work with an established shade provider like Apollo Sunguard to be certain your shade perfectly fits your space without looking saggy or poorly positioned.

And shade isn’t just about adding style to parks, campuses, parking lots, commercial spaces or sports venues. It also serves an important function. Apollo Sunguard shade structures can block up to 96% of the sun’s harmful UV rays to protect from sunburns and faded furnishings. Its custom shade structures can also drop the temperature below by up to 20 degrees. That’ll keep your customers staying longer and coming back more frequently.

Of course, shade structures from Apollo Sunguard are just one option for adding shade to define your space. Natural foliage, permanent roofs, pergolas and temporary umbrellas are also options to consider. But keep in mind that shade structures from Apollo Sunguard don’t take time to grow. They come with a powerful warranty, and they don’t need to be disassembled and stored overnight. They do need to be removed in the event of major storms, but Apollo Sunguard makes it easy with its quick-release technology.

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