Landscape Architects, Consider Shade In Your Sketch

There is this old adage that some of the best project ideas were drawn first on a cocktail napkin. Maybe there is some truth to this. We do know that no one industry knows better than Landscape Architects that drawing plans is the beginning point to any great creation.

And, when sketching your next project, we hope you will consider incorporating shade into the design. Form follows function with any landscaping project, and shade is an important function as it relates to the comfort of those who are using a space. Shade can lower temperatures, enhance outdoor living areas and offer the perfect spot for a shade garden for people to enjoy.

Shade as Function

Incorporate cooler temperatures by adding shade to your project. The shade offered by Apollo Sunguard’s structures keep temperatures up to 20 degrees cooler because the fabric mimics a tree canopy. Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures also can protect people’s skin. Many of the available colors block more than 93 percent of the sun’s UV rays, which will keep those enjoying your landscaping project safe from the harmful effects of direct sun.

Shade is a perfect addition to cool expansive concrete surfaces or parking lots. The internal temperatures of a vehicle parked in shade can be more than 100 degrees cooler than a vehicle parked in the sun. Apollo offers a variety of shade structures ideal for parking areas, including obstacle-free modular cantilevers.

Outdoor Living Areas as a Function

Shade can also enhance outdoor living areas within your project. Outdoor living areas are spaces designed for users to linger and enjoy. The shade structures can provide an aesthetic enhancement to any walkway, picnic spot or open space designed as gathering spots. Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures can be custom designed to match your project’s design elements with both colors and shapes. In fact, the company offers 17 different fabric colors. Custom fabric colors also are available.

Shade Garden as a Function

Concerned about what to plant? Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures create an ideal environment for a shade garden, which can also enhance users’ experience in your project. A shade garden incorporates plants that enjoy low sunlight. According to a Washington Post article about shade gardens, “artfully planted and groomed, (a shade garden) is the most sheltered and cocooning place to be.”  Shade gardens are increasingly popular in both residential and commercial projects. Add picnic benches or bird fountains surrounded by plants that thrive in low light and witness how users will stop and enjoy the cool, shady spots.

When planning a new project, incorporate shade into the initial sketch to add function. This enhancement can provide a more inviting gathering spot with cooler temperatures, enhanced outdoor living areas, and a shade garden with plants that flourish in low light. To learn more about Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures, visit

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