Reasons Property Managers Should Install Shade

More people are going to be enjoying the outdoors as the winter temperatures warm, the trees return to green and spring flowers begin to sprout.

Now is a good time for property managers to consider installing one of Apollo Sunguard’s attractive and functional shade structures in outdoor living spaces, such as courtyards, picnic areas, playgrounds and pool decks. These sturdy structures are designed to enhance comfort, provide attractive, versatile functionality, to be easily maintained and to withstand inclement weather.

Enhance Comfort

Shade structures can enhance comfort with cooler temperatures and protection from sunburns. Because Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures are made with the highest quality, breathable shade fabrics, air flows freely – mimicking the shade created by trees – thereby naturally lowering the ambient temperatures by up to 20 degrees. The fabric also helps block UV rays.

Attractive & Versatile

Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures are attractive and versatile. With more than 30 structure styles and 17 different fabric colors available, the design can easily match the look of any property. Apollo Sunguard’s experienced staff can create custom designs to enhance aesthetics as well as assist property managers in meeting their goals for adding shade.

Easy to Maintain

Property managers will enjoy the fact that Apollo Sunguard’s structures are easy to care for. The allied steel structures are sturdy and the welding, cables and threads employ special technology. Apollo Sunguard is the only shade manufacture to employ a quick release system so that the fabric covers can easily be removed without special tools.

Built to Last

The structures are also built to withstand strong winds and inclement weather. Apollo Sunguard’s fabrics are made with non-aging thread that comes with a lifetime guarantee. It won’t rot due to UV exposure or other environmental causes. The products come with an industry-leading warranty in which the steel structures are backed for 20 years and the fabrics are backed for 15 years.

Spring is here and property managers should consider adding shade to their properties to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors. Contact Apollo Sunguard today for more information. Visit

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