Shade the Courts: Shade Structures for Outdoor Sports

Titan shade structure over basketball court.

Florida is known for its intense heat. When the temperatures are high, playing outdoor sports can be exhausting – and potentially dangerous. Adding shade structures for outdoor sports courts, such as tennis and pickleball courts, may be a factor that determines whether people enjoy the outdoors or stay inside, especially in the summer months.

According to the article, How to Stay Cool on the Court, “Tennis players have to contend with more than the blazing sun on hot summer days. The heat-trapping surface of tennis courts can also leave a tennis player sapped of energy.”

Pickleball has become popular in Florida in recent years. Like tennis, it can be a great way to have fun and stay active outdoors, but the sun and heat can be daunting.

Shade Structures for Outdoor Sports

Shade on tennis court.

At Apollo Sunguard, we have a solution that can help players maintain energy while staying active and cooler. Shade structures for outdoor sports courts blocks the harsh sun rays and lowers ambient temperatures, allowing players to cool off.  Shade for sport courts such as basketball, tennis, boccie ball and pickleball courts can make playing more enjoyable and protect players from overheating and sunburn.

Titan shades are large squares and rectangle shade structures that are specifically engineered to cover a large area where individual smaller shade structures would not be suitable. They are designed with four, six or eight posts and are designed with additional steel to support the larger spans between posts. These unique structures support larger continuous shade covers.

Shade is a Game Changer for Sports Complexes

Shade on bocce ball court.

Titan shades are ideal for pickleball and tennis courts. Having a shaded court allows players and bystanders to spend their time outside while being comfortable and safe. Shades for outdoor sports can be bright and eye-catching or designed to blend in with your facilities. Tennis and pickleball players will flock to the courts once they realize they can play and enjoy their games while not being in the direct sunlight.

Intense Heat Reduction

Tennis courts can be 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the air temperature. When playing a sport like tennis or pickleball it is important to avoid high temperatures to decrease the likeliness of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. With the help of the Titan shade, the heat of the court will drastically lower, and the air temperature under the canopy of a shade structure will cool down. Help players beat the heat and finish their matches strong!

Protect the Skin in the Game

Bleacher shade for the fans.

The Titan shade structure naturally blocks up to 97 percent of UV rays. This will help keep the tennis and pickleball players’ skin protected from the harsh sun, helping to prevent sun burn and cumulative sun damage. While the players have more sun protection from the shade, it gives them the option to apply less sunblock, decreasing the possibility of discomfort from sunblock dripping into their eyes during a sweaty match. Spectators also appreciate shaded seating at sports facilities!

Don’t Let the Sun Ruin the Match

A shade structure such as the Titan can bring ease to playing tennis and pickleball at certain times of the day. Depending on the orientation of the court and the time of day, some players may be looking directly into the sun during a game if they are playing on an unshaded court. Glare can be uncomfortable and create an unfair advantage. The Titan is built to span a large area like the court, helping block most of the harsh sun rays, allowing players to perform their games at whatever time they would like. The Titan shade also can help remove distracting shadows from the court surface that may interfere with the game.

Improve Your Court

Increase the use of your facilities by providing shade structures for outdoor sports that increase the comfort and usability of your courts. The Titan shade structure from Apollo Sunguard helps players enjoy the experience while protecting them from the sun and heat. Adding a shade to your courts offers many perks that may enhance your business or location.

Shade That Will Last

Apollo Sunguard has the shade industry’s strongest warranty — 15 years on all fabric and 20 years on steel framework. We use advanced, non-aging stitching thread that can stand up to direct sunlight for the life of the shade. Our steel framework structures are made with cold-rolled, galvanized tubular steel with a triple layer of protection. Our factory warranty guarantees that you can feel confident that your shade will be covered in year 15 the same way it would be in year one.

All our shade structures are engineered to withstand wind loads in accordance with the current version of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 7, International Building Code (IBC), and applicable city, county and state codes.

For more information about adding shade to your space, contact Apollo Sunguard at 941-925-3000 or at [email protected].

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