shade structure in front of a pool

Four Amenities That Are Better With Shade

1. Shaded Pool Decks

According to a survey commissioned by Airbnb, swimming pools are the number one desired amenity by travelers. And who doesn’t want that vacation vibe at home, too? A beautiful swimming pool and lounge area can make your property feel like a resort, but adding poolside shade makes the area truly enjoyable. By blocking the sun’s UV rays and dropping temperatures up to 20 degrees, Apollo Sunguard shade structures allow pool-goers to enjoy the experience without worrying about sunburn and overheating.

2. Shaded Playground Areas

For those with young children, playground space is important for exercise and social interaction, and safety is always a top concern. Shade structures protect children from the sun’s dangerous UV rays and scorching playground equipment, which can reach more than 150 degrees in direct sunlight. Those temperatures are high enough to cause second- or third-degree burns on children’s delicate skin. In addition to installing shade structures for new playground areas, Apollo Sunguard invented and patented a design that retrofits existing equipment with obstacle-free playground shade.

3. Shaded Outdoor Recreation Areas

Bocce ball, pickleball and shuffleboard courts are popular with more mature residents and can be a main selling point for your community. The Apollo Sunguard Titan is a large square or rectangular shade specifically designed and engineered to span a large open area such as a tennis or basketball court. These shades reduce glare and sun blindness, so playing and watching outdoor sports is more enjoyable, cool and comfortable. Smaller shade structures can be used over benches and seating areas near game courts, walking trails and outdoor fitness areas, providing spots to rest and relax out of the sun.

4. Shaded Parking Lots

Convenient parking is a much-request amenity, and shaded parking is the ultimate in convenience. Shaded lots lower vehicle temperatures inside and out and provide protection from sun damage, fading and cracking, as well as rain and hail. Cars parked under shade can be up to 100 degrees cooler inside than cars parked in the sun. That’s a difference that not only extends the life of the vehicle, it cuts down on the energy needed to cool the vehicle – and keeps people happy. Apollo Sunguard shade structures also slow the deterioration of pavement, reduce maintenance needs and can be combined with lighting, solar panels and EV charging stations.

Protect Your Investment in Amenities

In addition to increasing comfort and safety, shade also provides asset protection. Reducing UV exposure and sun damage preserves the quality and lifespan of outdoor surfaces, furniture, equipment and property. Apollo shades are designed and engineered to comply with the latest local and national building code requirements, and they come with the shade industry’s leading warranty – a 20-year warranty on the steel framework and a 15-year warranty on the fabric.

What You Get When You Work With Apollo Sunguard:

  • Fully Engineered Structures
  • Sealed Engineering Plans
  • Engineering & Design Assistance
  • Structures Engineered to Withstand 115 MPH Wind Load per current International Building Code (IBC) & Florida Building Code (FBC)

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