Innovate Your Public Parking Lots with:
Solar Protection and Clean Energy

During the COVID-19 pandemic, with less traffic on the highways, little to no planes in the air and industrial factories at a halt, scientists reported a notable difference in the amount of carbon emissions and air pollution circulating worldwide. Simply put, the air got cleaner.

While the impact may be short term as the economy begins to reopen, there is an opportunity for governments to continue to support the effort to decrease carbon emissions and lower green house gases.

Apollo Sunguard assists federal, state and local governments with both EV charging stations and shade in parking lots. These enhancements to public spaces help to encourage the widespread use of electric vehicles, assist in abating urban heat island effect, improve curb appeal and reduce energy consumption.

Easy Purchasing

Apollo Sunguard has made it easier for governments to add shade and EV charging stations to their public spaces and facilities with GSA contracts, cooperative purchasing agreements and piggybacking. Read more.

GSA Contracts

Since 1993 Apollo Sunguard has provided shade solutions to federal, state and local governments. Apollo Sunguard holds two GSA Contracts to assist with the purchase of shade and accessories. Read more.

Add EV Charging

Apollo Sunguard is one of two vendors awarded a Blank Purchase Agreement (or BPA) by GSA Fleet for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and the sole awardee for Ancillary EVSE Data Services. Read more.

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