Playing Safe in the Shade

As an early childcare provider, you know the importance of safety. It’s part of everything you do. And it needs to be part of your outdoor play area as well.

The dangers of sun exposure are well-known. Children burn faster than adults, and one bad sunburn in childhood can set the stage for skin cancer 30 years later. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that you keep infants out of the sun for the first six months rather than apply chemical sunscreens to their sensitive skin. You can begin using sunscreen on toddlers, but you may not find it easy or practical to apply sunscreen to a class full of kids.

Apollo Sunguard shade structures offer an excellent solution for daycare centers, schools, and playgrounds. Sunshades keep children safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays, lower temperatures under the shade by up to 20 degrees, and help prevent overheating and heat-related injuries. Our innovative shade fabric blocks up to 96% of UV rays and helps keep the surface temperature of playground equipment lower, making it safer for kids to play on.

Available in 30 structure styles, 17 fabric colors, and 11 frame colors, Apollo Sunguard shade structures can add fun pops of color and style to your outdoor play area while protecting the kids you care for from the sun. So, let them enjoy playing outside under a colorful sunshade. You’ll know you’re keeping them safe and comfortable – and they’ll know they are having fun!

Heat Study

Studies show that Apollo Sunguard shades can protect children from the sun’s dangerous UV rays and scorching playground equipment, which can reach more than 150 degrees in direct sunlight. View our Heat Study to see the temperature differences in the sun and in the shade. Read the report.

News Report

A Fox 13 Made in Tampa Bay report explains how shade structures made by Apollo Sunguard are designed to mimic shade trees and lower temperatures by 20 – 50 degrees. Apollo Sunguard’s Shade Cloth is made with ultraviolet additives that block up to 96% of UV rays. Watch the video.

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