Charging Level

Level 2 AC Charging:

ChargePoint CT4000 All-Purpose Level 2 Charging Stations – The CT4000 is the ideal fit for government agencies and businesses interested in an EV charging solution for employees, customers, and residents. It provides a complete set of capabilities station owners need to manage every aspect of the EV driving experience.

ChargePoint CPF50 Level, 2 Charging Stations for Fleet, use only – The CPF50 is  ideally suited for fleet depot charging and personal charging for multifamily residences. With speed, durability, and flexible configuration options, CPF50  stations are sure to meet your fleet or multifamily charging needs.

Level 3 Charging (DC Fast Charging):

ChargePoint Express 250 (High Power in a Small Footprint) – The Express 250 is ideal for mission-critical vehicles or where vehicles come back to the depot to recharge and go back out. Express 250 stations can also complement CT4000 stations at workplaces, giving employees a fast way to top up when they need it.

FreeWire Boost Charger (Fully integrated ultrafast EV charging technology that can be deployed anywhere and everywhere) – Boost Charger makes deploying ultrafast EV charging cost-effective and straightforward. With integrated energy storage, efficient power conversion technology, and software that lowers energy costs, Boost Charger is the most advanced ultrafast charger available today. Boost Charger operates using a low-voltage and low-power grid connection, resulting in quick and cost-effective deployment with minimal business disruption.

Mobile EV Charging:

Mobi® EV Charger – A mobile alternative to stationary Level 2 chargers, Mobi EV Chargers are battery-powered – providing powerful charging without the need for complex and costly electrical infrastructure. A truly portable solution, Mobi can be deployed anywhere and utilize a drive system with joystick operation to allow exact placement. Equipped with dual connectors, Mobi EV Chargers are also supported by a full-featured software platform for intelligent energy and asset management.

Mobi® Gen – FreeWire’s Mobi Gen can be used to supplement or entirely replace traditional diesel-fueled generators for various off-grid power needs. Mobi Gen delivers pure, quality power that extends the lifespan of even the most sensitive devices. Supported by full-feature software, you’ll have complete access to the location and performance of Mobi Gen. The 80 kWh battery is powerful enough for construction sites, events, emergency response, and all backup power needs.

Expert assistance in adhering to the FAST Act:

The FAST Act (Fixing American Surface Transportation Act) of December 4th, 2015 “authorizes the General Services Administration (GSA) and other Federal agencies to install, operate and maintain the plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations for privately owned PEVs in parking areas under the custody, control, or administrative jurisdiction of the federal agency and used by Federal employees and other authorized users, and requires the collection of fees to recover these costs.”

Apollo Sunguard and ChargePoint, and FedWay Consulting, LLC, have provided a team of experts that helped Federal Agencies navigate the legislation related to EV charging for fleet and workplace. Agencies must follow the FAST Act guidance while implementing workplace charging. The team has assisted dozens of Federal Agencies in overcoming numerous challenges in deploying these programs and has become the foremost expert in the industry.

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