It is human nature to seek out and enjoy shade. At parks and playgrounds, access to shade is especially important. Studies have shown that under direct sunlight, playground equipment can reach more than 150 degrees. This July, communities across the nation are celebrating National Park and Recreation Month. For years, Apollo Sunguard’s versatile and attractive shade structures have been protecting park and recreation facilities across the country. When you add a shade structure to your community, you instantly enhance the experience of play for all.

With 32 structure styles and 17 fabric colors available, our shade structures are as attractive as they are effective. Created with a high-density polyethylene material, our shade structures act like the natural canopy of trees by promoting air circulation underneath.

All of Apollo Sunguard’s products are made from fabric that has been tested in an independent laboratory with a large selection of colors meeting the minimum of 93% UV Block as recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).


Apollo Sunguard has decades of experience in delivering consistent, customer-focused service and superior products nationwide.

We have the strongest warranty in the industry – 15 years on fabric covers and 20 years on steel.

Our durable shade structures will provide years of fun and safety for your community! Read more.


This July, communities across the nation will celebrate National Park and Recreation Month.

The National Recreation and Park Association has announced that this year’s theme is “Game On!” to encourage families to spend more time outdoors in their local parks and recreation.

Apollo Sunguard recognizes the importance of outdoor play. Read more.

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